Rainbow and Mt. Blanca

There are some colors I love to paint with. One of them is Indian yellow. At first I couldn’t understand why ANYONE would use it then I tried it and discovered all of its magical properties including adding warmth to any color painted over it and it, in and of itself? I’m not a fan of yellow but I love this color. The other — which I’ve written about at length — is ultramarine blue made with lapis. It’s like “super paint.” Another paint I finally got to use in this painting is one I “met” a couple years ago? Last year? Gamblin — a paint manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon — made some colors from water pollution and one of them was a very attractive violet which I used in this painting.

I’m clearly not an abstract painter. In some discussions with other artists, I’ve wondered why. In art history and theory classes (the few I’ve taken) abstract painting is what an artist does in these many years since the invention of the camera, apparently a trajectory that began with the Impressionist painters who were (apparently) released from the duty of depicting reality as a tool of memory. Of course, having been born well into the post camera invention days it took me a while to wrap my head around the idea that people used to have to draw or sketch or paint or scenes or faces they wanted to remember. Once my little brain figured THAT obvious thing out, I understood one of the true reasons behind the human urge to create pictures. It is the simple declarative sentence, “I saw this.”

This hangs in my studio. Kandinsky is — for some reason — a very inspiring artist to me. When I stepped back from my own painting and saw this little reproduction (taken from a calendar) I thought, “It’s the same painting.”

I don’t know the title…

14 thoughts on “Rainbow Finished

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ They are amazing colors. I look on my little tube of real ultramarine as an ally. “Hello Martha. How can I help you with this painting?” it says every time I open the tube.


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