The colors in the photo aren’t true, but… I’ll use my camera next time. AND it’s wet, The colors will soften… But the alpenglow on the mountains isn’t purple. It’s a true light pink.
‘Turner painted a similar rainbow but mine is pure San Luis Valley

Turner painted a similar rainbow, but mine is a legit, San Luis Valley rainbow. Thomas Moran painted it, too in a fantastic and exaggerated view of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone but I don’t care if it’s exaggerated. It’s an amazing painting.

Rainbow Over the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

13 thoughts on “Day Two

        1. No you complimented me, Chris. Turner is my hero and my teacher of atmosphere which I really never understood until Simon Schama introduced me to Turner! No apologies needed! Thank you! ❤


      1. When I took my youngest to the Teton’s in 2012 I REALLY felt like I was seeing mountains for the first time. I wanted to visit the school leader at the Teton School of Science {I had wished to start something similar here in the Ozark’s} and of course, hike! We hiked to Jenny Lake with our bear spray and bells. And I took him on a trail ride and Chuckwagon feast. We floated the Snake River and saw a baby Moose, together. He and I won’t forget that trip. And I love Mt. Moran. 💚

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          1. It really was…Martha, do you have a way to watch Prime shows? I just finished two documentaries in which
            you were on my mind the entire time. I’m still sitting here absorbing it all. Jean Aspen, born to explorer parents, Connie and Bud Helmericks, shares her life on the Yukon River. She and a partner, at 22 years old, spent a year alone on the River. It details her life from all the videos and pictures she took (she made these documentaries with her current partner, Tom Irons). It’s a life of adventure, love, loss, and all about the gratitude she has to our Earth~and this beautiful film, ReWilding Kernwood~marvelously showcases how they gave their cabins back to the Earth. It’s soul gripping. I feel as though she and you are related. I hope you have an opportunity to view them. After visiting my Dad today {doing well} and near 💯 degree heat, Finn and I have adventured with these beautiful films. ❤️ Her website is 💛

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