Since I wrote the post, “How Green is Blue?” I’ve painted with REAL ultramarine blue made of lapis lazuli. I found it very very different from synthetic ultramarine which is more uniform in texture, more opaque and more intense in oil paint, anyway.

Ultramarine made with Lapis Lazuli in the sky…
The mountains here are synthetic ultramarine; the sky cerulean blue; the shadows synthetic ultramarine tinted with white and gray
Cerulean and real ultramarine sky. The mountains and snow shadows are ultramarine blue made from Lapis Lazuli. 
Blue chart from Gamblin Oil Paints, the brand I usually paint with

6 thoughts on “Blue

    1. Oh Judy. ❤ Thank you. When I started out here I was painting really small pictures and trying to learn about pigments I'd always wanted to use but didn't know anything about. Lots of learning and experimentation. So much fun to learn and end up with a wide range of colors and skills. I never had this chance before. I have painted all my life but working and working and working and some other stuff — it wasn't until 2009 I even had a dedicated space to work! And then I retired and moved here and had both space and time.


      1. Well, it is working, Martha. I can tell you are putting a lot of time, effort and soul into it. Reading blogs is a bit like reading serial novels. I remember when you were driving out to Colorado to move there..Was it 13 or 14 years ago?

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        1. Just seven years ago! I wish I’d saved that blog — but I dumped it. Now I’d kind of like to read what I thought back then. It was really nice to have all the blogging-pal company then, though, when I was completely a stranger in a strange land.


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